Watches are shipping !

Watches are shipping !-sye-start-your-engine-watches-montres

At last, we're very happy to finally start delivering our first watches.

Unfortunately, our (and your) pleasure is not complete because we are still experiencing delays for our Chronographs, and we are still expecting some serial numbers to finalize the assembling of the Automatic 24.
But we are working very hard to shorten the timing at the maximum and start delivering the watches at the real end of November.

But this blog post, celebrating the first MOT1ON watchesĀ shipped to their lucky owners, is also the occasion to reveal one of the last surprise about SYE [Start Your Engine] that took us way more time than expected.

Have a look at our packaging

We wanted to keep it secret, at least for our first customers.

We really think that the product experience starts from the first eye contact, it was not an option to select a cube box and a velvet cushion to showcase your watch, nah!

We wanted a packaging that was as beautiful as our watches and that you would be happy to keep.
We imagined the packaging a luxurious toolkit where every piece is at the right place and in which, thanks to the drawer, you could stock up to 2 straps.Ā A kind of dressing for your wrist companion.

Let's have a look at it before you can touch it for real!

And to have a lively experience, we thank Stephane that recorded the unboxing experience of its MOT1ON Automatic Twenty Four. We share the video he just uploaded.Ā 

New 'Tutorials' section

As you can see, you will have to assemble the watch and its Fastbackā„¢ strap to start wearing it. This is an experience we wanted to create for you, it's unique and easy but your first try will certainly require a bit more focus.

On top of the user manual, we recorded a video tutorial to show you the steps to follow.
You will find the new tutorial section right hereĀ :

We're coming back very soon

We get back to work very quickly to make sure we receive the Chronographs and last pieces in due time, and we're back to you very soon with new updates.