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Start Your Engine

How did you feel the first time you saw the smooth curves of a classy car, heard the musical growl of a twin engine, glimpsed a flash of gleaming chrome or felt the sensual touch of an aged leather seat?

These are the feelings that drive us and that led to the creation of SYE! 

In our quest for a perfect moment, they inspired us look at materials, savoir-faire and 20th century design principles from a new angle in an unashamedly modern watch.

SYE [Start Your Engine] inventing a new type of elegance sport-tailoring


Inventing a new type of elegance

Non-conformist, self-assured, distinguished – SYE brings the concept of Sports Tailoring to your wrist through a perfect marriage of rigorous yet relaxed, demanding yet free.

Wearing a SYE watch means proclaiming your attachment to a different kind of watch and putting your strong style and bold mindset on display.

SYE [Start Your Engine] creating new thrills back to raw precious materials leather and stainless steel


Creating thrills

Get on board, take the plunge and let your senses take off!


We cut no corners in our watches, using only the finest materials, an impeccable finish, exclusive styles and exciting designs...

SYE [Start Your Engine] have fun enjoy wearing our watches and spread the word


Start Your Engine & Have fun!

An unadultered good time.

Get ready for an exclusive experience.

We promise you'll love it!


Gentlemen, Start Your Engine …