SYE wristwatches are manufactured with the greatest care, according to the strictest watchmaking quality standards.

Our wristwatches and straps are rigorously manufactured, assembled and checked. Every SYE client benefits from an international 2 years warranty, or 24 months, from the date of purchase. The international warranty covers defects in materials and manufacture in existence at the time of the SYE wristwatch being delivered.

The warranty enters into effect from the date of delivery of your wristwatch. Throughout the warranty and upon submission of the valid warranty certificate, we shall repair those defects covered free of charge. However, we cannot always guarantee the immediate availability of components.

In the event of repairs to the SYE wristwatch being insufficient to return it to its normal working condition, we promise to replace it with an identical SYE wristwatch or one demonstrating similar characteristics.

Repair or replacement of the wristwatch during the warranty period does not have the effect of starting a new warranty period, nor of extending it.

The following types of damage are not covered by the warranty:

  • Damage resulting from improper use, abusive use or faulty maintenance of your wristwatch.
  • Magnetic fields. Do not subject your wristwatch to magnetic fields, such as from loudspeakers, refrigerators, computers, mobile telephones, airport scanners or other electromagnetic kitchen appliances, etc.
  • Normal use and ageing (e.g. scratches to the glass, changes of colour and/or materials of the bracelet, such as leather, textile or even rubber), as well as the buckles, pins and straps spring bars.
  • Damage arising from incorrect, inappropriate or abusive use, lack of care or maintenance, negligence, accidents (dropping, immersion, impacts, dents, crushing, glass breakage, etc.)
  • Visible defects not declared upon receipt of the wristwatch, 
  • Indirect or consequential damage, of whatever nature, particularly resulting from use, non-functioning or lack of precision of the SYE wristwatch.
  • The SYE wristwatch has been tampered with by an unauthorised person or whose original condition has been modified or altered outside SYE’s control.
  • Theft, loss, force majeure or natural catastrophes.

Warranty claim

To claim under the warranty, please take the following steps:

  1. Contact SYE by email at hello (at) syewatches (dot) com or by completing the online Contact Us form and attach all your evidence (for example, photographs), which allow us to find out exactly what is wrong.
  2. After checks that the defect or the damage is actually covered by the warranty, you need to send us the wristwatch in question, at your own cost and using the most appropriate method of dispatch (e.g. suitable packaging to protect the wristwatch).
  3. We promise to honour the warranty at the first opportunity, according to the applicable conditions.

Specific recommendations for straps

In order to preserve their overall quality and appearance, Fastback™ straps:

  • must never be immersed in water and more generally, not exposed to any liquids;
  • are not intended to be worn in the course of manual or sporting activities.