Finding the right partner for the Fastback™ strap

Finding the right partner for the Fastback™ strap-sye-start-your-engine-watches-montres

The project was a year old, we had a design, we had a functional and technically viable Fastback™ system… but no hint of a real strap :(

It turned out that the part of the project that seemed simplest on paper was actually the hardest in practice. The general feeling at the time kept leading to one conclusion: guys, just give up and go for rubber.

But I want leather!

I mean, we could have, but our first and strongest motivation was to create a unique combination of leather and steel – more modern materials could come at a later stage.

Despite being disappointed and demotivated, we kept fighting, and our path finally ended at the door of an exceptional manufacturer: the Manufacture Jean Rousseau.

Jean Rousseau, a proud holder of the Entreprise du patrimoine vivant label to show their contribution to French industry and savoir-faire, have been leather strap specialists since their beginnings in 1954. More important than that for us, though, was the company’s ability to reinvent and adapt its technical expertise to find fresh, new solutions, perfect for our project.

And as a bonus, they welcomed the project with open arms, showing both enthusiasm and great goodwill to a daring and ambitious young brand intending to prove itself.

Maybe the most sophisticated strap in the world

Our contacts at Jean Rousseau didn’t hesitate to tell us that they had to mobilize all their technical skills to give the Fastback™ strap its shape.

Our own attempts, despite all the time spent on 3D simulations and mock-ups, never led to a strap that had the shape we wanted and that met all the technical requirements: a wide, curved edge, a quick taper at the wrist to fit most sizes, as seamless a transition as possible, etc.

Luckily for us, the Jean Rousseau prototype ticked all these boxes, and our design was alive at last.

Our Fastback™ strap combines two high-quality pieces of leather and a steel insert linked with a 3D printed piece – this creates the perfect shape and ensures the leather lasts a long time.

A strap with a long life

Starting from prototype 1, we have taken every step to make sure your Fastback™ strap stays with you as long as possible and looks superb on your wrist.

SYE Fastback™ strap details

Metal inserts are seamlessly incorporated into the leather to increase the longevity and perfectly sync with the watch case.

The quick change strip integrated helps you swap out your deployment buckle without any tool and move it to another Fastback™ strap.


Questions and reactions started to raise soon after project announcement and because we are a young brand, we fully understand if you are concerned that we might not be around in a few years.

Not to worry though – we have planned everything, and should anything happen to SYE, Manufacture Jean Rousseau has committed to producing and selling Fastback™ straps to our customers as an extension of our business.

To get one, simply contact Jean Rousseau via their online form and indicate the reference of the SYE Fastback™ strap you want.