Fastback™ leather straps made to last...

Fastback™ leather straps made to last...

Counting 4 years and the leather Fastback™ strap is still good to go

A few days ago, our first functional prototype strap was celebrating its 4th year.

4 years, nearly 1500 days during which I could constantly wear it from sunrise to sunset with one objective in mind: to test its resistance and observe its evolution over the periods without any particular precaution.

4 years have passed, and the structure did not evolve but just perfectly fitted my wrist. 4 years have passed, and the structure did not show any sign of fragility. 4 years have passed, and the leather acquired a superb patina without any nourishing balm.

Leather Fastback™ straps made to last

When we ignited the SYE [Start Your Engine] project and realized that the strap would be crucial, we only had one objective in mind: to build a strap that would last a very long time.


rear stictching of the SYE [Start Your Engine] Fastback™  straps

Even if the leather straps do not have a strong reputation for durability, we conceived, with our manufacturer, an optimized strap structure to bear all the constraints our Fastback™ strap would endure:

  • a stainless steel insert for a solid link with the watch. We rejected any plastic option, easier and less expensive to produce, but way more risky in the long run
  • a 3D printed polymer piece to guarantee that there is no wrinkles or bends on the leather skin and also make the steel/leather transition as robust as possible
  • a leather lining ultra-resistant to sweat and friction because a leather strap is not only suffering at the surface but also close to the skin
And to be 100% coherent, we choose to equip all our Fastback™  straps with a folding clasp that, once adjusted, limit the scissors effect on the long part of the straps, just at the opposite of the long run damages of a pin buckle.

A long 1500 days on the wrist 'field test' 

Even if we anticipate every aspect of the project as much as we can, you can never be sure, and that's all the interest to run a long term filed test.
So, since October 2019, I'm personally wearing every day, from sunrise to sunset, this 1st functional prototype Fastback™ Whiskey leather strap. You'll surely notice that it counts one perforation less and measures 1 cm less than the production straps.

le bracelet Fastback en cuir après 3 ans au poignet

Over those 1500 days, the strap evolved the following way:

  • 24h to bend and perfectly fit my wrist shape. Even if it was feeling a bit rigid, this feeling totally disappears after a day once the strap has adapted its shape.
  • after a few weeks, we already see the patina coming, the Whiskey tone gets a bit darker and brings its own personality
  • no wrinkle or fragility was spotted on the leather, especially at the top of straps where the tension is at its maximum. The leather has dried a bit, but I chose not to use any nurturing balm during the test
  • under the strap, the lining did not change, the blue tone got just a bit darker
  • at last, the stitches are still perfect

After more than 1500 days, our challenge to build a long-lasting leather strap is successfully met. Our leather Fastback™ strap is keeping its promises and contributed to give our MOT1ON watches a unique personality.

I will continue to wear my favorite leather strap daily and, promised, I'll report you about the next coming 4 years!