Discover our new Fastback™ watch roll

Discover our new Fastback™ watch roll-sye-start-your-engine-watches-montres

When you love watches and own a significant number of timepieces, you're quickly looking for the right solution to store them, protect them and carry them with you. I'm sure you know what I mean!

Well, honestly, you have quite a significant choice on the market but when you're looking for a solution for watches with deployment clasp and in some cases integrated strap...the only credible option is the watch box and its famous velvet cushions.

We wanted to address this problem... and we positively used the first lockdown period to take the time to think about it and craft something cool. Our brief is simple : a nice and smart accessory to take care of your SYE [Start Your Engine] watches.
We wanted our watch roll to protect our watches individually and to onboard a few straps too, without skipping your tool, always at hand. We wanted our watch roll to inherit the toolkit DNA, like the ones we found in the cars some decades ago, instead of a luxurious object that you would keep in a drawer.


So we started looking for a leather workshop to craft our watch roll.

We met PO! Artisan Maroquinier

Thanks to a common friend, I met Hélène, the leather expert that created PO! Artisan Maroquinier workshop 5 years ago.


Based in Suresnes, a few miles from Paris, Hélène was trained by some renowned peers, and she's the kind of professional that really likes designing projects, like our, that requires a bit of creativity.

We showed the MOT1ON watches, the brand and jumped straight to the watch roll concept. The first idea was the right one : a classical roll but with a bunch of details that stand out, and we're totally fine with it 👍🏻.


4 prototypes later (yes we tried some different options and sizes), we started the handcraft production of the watch rolls.

NovoNappa leather, what else ?

We liked the NovoNappa leather from the Haas tannery so much when crafting our Fastback™ straps Carbon black, Skybury and Whiskey, that it was totally obvious to use it for our watch roll too.

Incredible soft touch, ultra natural skin and the ability to get a unique patina over the time, the NovoNappa leather is a must.
On top, we love its raw aspect, ideal to craft a watch roll with a toolkit DNA rather than a precious case we'd fear to manipulate.

Let's have a look at the Fastback™ watch roll

The Fastback™ watch roll is truly compact with a wallet size. It's compact and provides enough space to store up to 2 watches, 4 straps and the tool.


When you open the Fastback™ watch roll, you'll find 2 individual pockets on the left side, they will perfectly hold each watch. The small flap brings an additional security to prevent the watches from sliding out the pockets.

In the central part, 2 wide pockets are the right place to store 2X2 straps with (or without) their deployment clasp. Between the 2 pockets, the tool is naturally fitting, ready to operate.


The Fastback™ watch rolls are available in 2 colors (Carbon black and Whiskey) for 139€ incl. taxes.
And still for a few days, they are offered for every order of 2 SYE watches or 2 additional Fastback™ straps with the respective coupons « SYECOMBO » and « 2FASTBACK ».