Departure delayed

Departure delayed-sye-start-your-engine-watches-montres

Dear all, let's get straight to the point : we were planning to ship the first watches on Friday 16th but it didn't happen.
We are waiting for the confirmation of the new planning but the estimated shipping window is now during the second week of November.

What did happen?

Last week we organized our last round of quality check-up with our partners in Besançon before final assembling. Unfortunately, we had to face 2 main issues:

  • The strap quality was not as expected.
  • One piece surrounding the automatic movement has been "skipped".

In details

Fastback™ straps

We knew the Fastback™ straps construction was complex, it is. But we were very confident after the pre-series feedback and the straps perfect quality.

"Errare humanum est", and our production straps did not meet our exact specifications. We simply couldn't deliver them to you like this, they were non representatives of the style we imagined and of all the efforts we input to deliver a truly exceptional product to you.

A new production run has been launched today. Of course, we are monitoring it very carefully to be 100% sure to deliver perfect Fastback™ straps.

Watches assembling

For assembling our watches, we just faced the (bad) power of habits.

A majority of the brands, for which our partner is working, are assembling their movement delivered and assembled with a plastic enlargement ring. This ring has the mission to firmly maintain the movement in the case but also to ensure that the date-disc is not rubbing under the dial.

For MOT1ON Automatic 24, we did not want any plastic part at all but metal. The movement is hold by an enlargement ring in brass which is far more qualitative than plastic. Our problem is that our movement provider missed that information and delivered the movement in the plastic holder. We did not receive a very simple part (a metal ring), but an important one, that protects the date-disc.

We are waiting for the information on availability and delivery date to make sure our delivery date is secured.


What's next?

We are truly sorry about this situation, but we are making all the efforts to solve it and ship your watches as soon as we can.

Corrective actions for the straps have been implemented and production has been restarted.
We set the priority for our movement supplier to deliver the missing part asap.

We'll get back to you all as soon as the delivery date is set and confirmed.

Speak soon. SYE [Start Your Engine]'s team