Meet Erick and its SYE MOT1ON Chronograph watch

Meet Erick and its SYE MOT1ON Chronograph watch

Érick is a very active sales in his young 50s. He has to regularly deal with the cold winter in Québec, especially when he goes out fishing on a frozen lake, with his SYE watch on the wrist, before walking back in snowshoes during more than 90 minutes to get back to his comfy wood chalet.

Are you more ?

☐ 2 wheels ☒ 4 wheels ☐ All wheels


What would be your dream wheels?

Bentley Continental GT and Aston Martin DB11.


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What do you love most about your watch?

Its overall look (dial and strap) and the fact it's a watch designed in France.

In one word, tell us how it feels to wear your watch.


What compliment do you and your watch get most often?

Superb 👍🏻.

Which is your favorite Fastback™ strap?

The Fastback™  Impala

Do you have a particular story to tell us about your watch? Do you have any suggestions for us?

I'm still very satisfied with my watch, but I would have loved it being in 2 diameters (a bit wider second take).

Thanks to Érick's feedback we implemented the option to select the additional Fastback™  strap with or without the folding clasp. Thanks for the suggestion Érick 👏🏻.