Looking for the best leather

Looking for the best leather-sye-start-your-engine-watches-montres

When we chose our materials, we prioritized top-quality leathers so we could bring you incredible sensations on your wrist in a choice of subtle colors and grains. For us, this really embodies our take on elegance and sport tailoring.

Working with exceptional, luxury partners gave us access to exceptional, luxury materials.

The first collection of straps – 10 top-quality models

We wanted the first collection to be of the highest quality, with as wide a choice as we could for the launch. And that’s just the start.

For this very first collection, we selected 4 types of leather – each is quite different, so we’re sure you’ll find what you want among them:

• A grainy leather, strong and resistant but not too dry, that will delight all vintage lovers.


• A matte italian calfskin, offering a good compromise between being soft to the touch but still resistant.


• A highly resistant full grain leather, the one we use for our lining, that will brighten up your day with its full grain finish and vivid electric blue hue.


• Last but not least, an exceptional, luxury leather for those of you in search of a special leather with an incredible touch, able to acquire a unique patina over time. We’d love to tell you more about this one.


Focus on Novonappa®, a French calfskin

We completely fell in love with a French calfskin called Novonappa® from the Haas tannery in Alsace, part of the Chanel group and a provider of luxury leather goods to prestigious brands.

This leather finish is achieved via a double tanning process before being milled with warm air. The end result is a soft, supple leather able to acquire a beautiful patina over time. Once you’ve felt it under your fingertips, you won’t be able to stop touching it – just like us.

We loved it so much that we also decided to use Novonappa® for our watch rolls.

What’s coming up next?

We’re brimming with ideas to bring you new strap variations – we’re actually already working on our next collection.

Starting just after pre-orders launch, our goal is to release 3 to 4 collections per year.

These will be exclusive, limited-edition collections boasting new colors, new kinds of leather and even new materials!

So don’t hesitate to tell us what you’d love to see in future collections! 👍🏻