A tailor-made ambassador

Bringing a brand universe to life is like a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

But, in life, you have to make choices and bet on the right horse. We wanted SYE’s universe to be fully aligned with our brand proposal: innovation, elegance, power and fun.

Since nobody else had dared to do it, we assumed that creating a brand universe entirely from scratch would be a great challenge and we went all in on building up our brand from drawings.

Creating SYE’s universe

Giovanni Valletta was the one who had the honor of laying the brand’s foundations.

Firstly, we wanted the purity of simple black & white. It’s chic, elegant and fully in line with the premium universe we wanted to create.

We then built this up with rich textured graphics and almost nervous strokes, to better put SYE’s hybrid style on display.

This style was worked into action-packed, powerful scenes in which our fans should be able to imagine themselves.

Our SYE ambassador

To create our ambassador, we synthesized the brand’s DNA and implanted it into the shape of a character straight out of the masculine world of motor sports and elegance. He exudes masculinity tied with natural sophistication, owning his sharp style and strong spirit… yet resides partially in mystery, never revealing his face.

Based on a busy moodboard, Gio drew up the first sketches to set our ambassador’s physical shape and attitudes before moving on to full graphic rendering.

The story of Sir Yorick Earl

Now the explanation is over, please meet our ambassador, Sir Yorick Earl.

We’ve already started writing his backstory which we hope to flesh out more in the coming months. But that’s where you come in!

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