SYE, a new premium watch brand is revving up to be different with the MOT1ON launch

Paris, January 21st, 2020 – SYE [Start Your Engine] is creating a new series of elegant watches – a challenge that this up-and-coming French brand is ready to rise to with its exclusive MOT1ON watches.

SYE was born of its founders’ desire to take the emotions that emanate from the touch of beautifully crafted speed machines and infuse them into something precious: an elegant, masculine new watch. These feelings were a source of inspiration that aided our search to bring the highest quality materials, savoir-faire and a fresh approach to 20th century design principles to an eloquent modern watch.

This new watch – the SYE MOT1ON – perfectly reflects the demanding new hybrid lifestyle of its evolving customs. SYE has created a watch that is designed to endure the rigors of daily life, yet retains an elegant masculine profile, combining athletic style and bold design to bring Sport Tailoring right to your wrist.

Sport Tailoring is a combination of two fashions and two mindsets working together to create a style for men wanting to make statement. Sport Tailoring fuses athletic shapes and dynamic styles, with a focus on refinement and precision that has been immaculately woven into the DNA of the watch, right down to the last stitch. The end result is a new kind of elegance that is both modern and practical.

SYE MOT1ON incorporates high-quality leather, modern steel case fused with innovative design to create a unique final product. The leather strap adds another layer style, providing a characteristic look with its tailor-cut lines for a perfect fit and luxurious feeling on your wrist. Better yet, the Fastback™ system and large range of premium straps makes changing out your style a genuinely fun and quick experience.

Offering watches with a unique personality requires a spokesperson who perfectly embodies the very essence of the brand. This led to none other than Sir Yorick Earl, the mysterious MOT1ON ambassador brought to life by the brushstrokes of our renowned comic artist. Enthused by mechanics, self-assured, free-spirited and distinguished, Sir Yorick Earl is a true gentleman who embodies the very essence of sophistication. He perfectly encapsulates the brand’s core values and his fascinating story will be revealed closer to launch.

To create its first collection, SYE coined a unique combination of an impeccable finish, a suave design and an efficient mechanical system to change out the watch straps. Better yet, the brand aims to offer truly accessible prices with the first collection of watches launching between £400 and £1,000.

SYE MOT1ON, a beautifully sculpted watch

MOT1ON boasts a solid stainless-steel body comprising of five mechanical components that come together to create a watch full of sophistication and character. The impeccable finish carefully balances brushed steel around the case, polished steel for the bezel and a back that alternates brushed and bead-blasted touches. The anodized screw in the middle adds an unexpected touch of color that makes the watch just as attractive from below as from above. For a perfect view of the dial, MOT1ON watches are protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass with an anti-reflective coating.

SYE MOT1ON, an unashamedly mechanical spirit

Set within detailed etched lines, similar to a beautifully designed engine block, beats the heart of the SYE MOT1ON watches. Two Japanese watch movements were chosen for their reliability and outstanding design quality:

SYE MOT1ON Automatic Twenty Four watches contain an automatic mechanical Miyota movement which beats 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz). This mechanical watch movement is automatically powered via the motion of your wrist and will reserve power for over 42 hours off your wrist.
SYE MOT1ON Chronograph watches contain a meca-quartz hybrid Seiko watch movement which is amazingly precise (32 Hz). This combines precise quartz movement with the familiar mechanical tick. Its central second hand beats at one fifth of a second and the watch immediately recovers its initial position with a single press of the pusher placed at 4 o’clock.

SYE MOT1ON proudly wears its premium Fastback™ straps

Taking its name from the dynamic shape of renowned carriages, the premium Fastback™ range that adorns each SYE MOT1ON watch is made primarily of French calfskin. This calfskin, carefully chosen from a tannery in Alsace, has unparalleled quality: it is a soft and supple leather able to acquire a beautiful patina over time.
Our esteemed French producer, based in the eastern Doubs region, carries the Entreprise du patrimoine vivant label and meticulously crafts the straps with a high-quality finish to ensure they fit your wrist perfectly. We have taken every step to make sure your strap stays with you as long as possible – metal inserts seamlessly incorporated into the leather increase longevity and perfectly sync with the watch body. A folding deployment buckle maintains your strap’s shape and protects it from marks. The premium Fastback™ straps create an unmatched tailored style in a wide choice of 10 colors and leather finishes to ensure your watch is personalized for you.

Interchangeable straps – a soon-to-be-patented system

The technical challenge behind the MOT1ON watches was to create an ingenious system to seamlessly join together the leather and the steel while guaranteeing a strong visual effect and perfect comfort while wearing. That’s the strength of the Fastback™ system! Underneath the MOT1ON watch you can find the Fastback™ system – a central screw and a hubcap-style back that let you swap out your strap with ease. With a few simple twists of a tool, you can remove the back, change the strap, and you’re good to go! No doubt about it, changing a strap on the MOT1ON will bring back childhood memories of playing with Meccano.

Exclusive preorders for SYE MOT1ON watches

For the launch, SYE is offering two different MOT1ON watches with two types of dial:
MOT1ON Automatic Twenty Four: a 3-hand model with a 24-hour sub-dial
MOT1ON Chronograph: a sportier model with a tachymeter, 60-minute and 24-hour sub-dials

Each model can be paired up with one or several premium Fastback™ straps from the 10 types available at launch. With over 40 possible combinations available, there will definitely be a style for any gentleman.

Preorders will open in February and will come with exclusive offers: attractive prices starting at £400 incl. VAT (which is up to 40% off future public prices) and an exclusive numbered series limited to the first 500 watches.

SYE [Start Your Engine] is a French premium brand with a strong personality inventing a new kind of masculine elegance for your wrist. SYE is bringing Sport Tailoring to the world of watches by creating a perfect marriage of a classy yet relaxed style. If you want to change up your style, the Fastback system and our range of premium straps makes swapping out the strap feel like playing with Meccano.

With its fine leather, impeccable finish, exclusive style and attractive prices…
…Start your engine, and have fun!

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