Meet Patrick and its SYE MOT1ON Chronograph watch

We are very proud to iniate the "SYE Heroes" program with Patrick. He was one of the most supportive client during the hard waiting period. So let him open the doors and unveil his portrait.

Patrick is in his 50s but still full of energy, and whenever he gets a break in his busy Business Director schedule, he can't wait to pull his gloves on and take off in his royal blue Boxster.

Are you more ?

☐ 2 wheels ☒ 4 wheels ☐ All wheels

Montre SYE [Start Your Engine] MOT1ON Chronograph

What would be your dream wheels?

La voiture noire by Bugatti 🖤.

Bugatti La voiture noire


What do you love most about your watch?

Its 'history', its pure design and being a contributor of the brand's creation.

In one word, tell us how it feels to wear your watch.


I'm feeling very proud to have contributed to the birth of such a beautiful object... even if nobody knows it ;).

What compliment do you and your watch get most often?

It's a nice story and the watch is very classy.

Which is your favorite Fastback™ strap?

The Fastback™  SYE blue 👍🏻

Do you have a particular story to tell us about your watch? Do you have any suggestions for us?

I'm lucky enough to own some other watches such as Chopard, Breitling, BRM, Junghans and Porsche Design but when my boys discovered my SYE MOT1ON Chronograph, they instantly wanted to switch it against their respective Breitlings.... I'll stand firm and won't give up my SYE!!!

SYE [Start Your Engine] montre MOT1ON Chronograph 

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