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Thanks to all of you, the pre-order is a success that impulse a solid trend for SYE [Start Your Engine] but we're not blind, the period and environment are complex. That's why it's important for us to confirm our ambition by creating SYE: develop a consistent brand, focus on details, develop exclusivity and be as close as possible to all of you.

To get back to the pre-order, we all, in the team, already backed some projects in pre-order, so we know and made everything possible to shorten the most difficult part : the wait.

As soon as the lockdown was announced, we took the decision to anticipate and already start the longest and most complex phases of the project: the case manufacturing and the movements supply.

Where are we now?

All our workshops and partners are dedicated to the project and started the manufacturing processes of our components.

To give you the most accurate information, to date, we've indicated each status by small squares. Each black square represent 20% of the total availability of each component.



Cases ◼︎ ◼︎ ◼︎ ◼︎ ◻︎

They came out of their mold during the early days of the pre-order and are currently into the finishing phase : brushing, polishing and other delicate treatments to give them their unique personality.

Movements ◼︎ ◼︎ ◼︎ ◼︎ ◻︎

The automatic movements from Miyota are in stock (which is a small miracle by the way considering how it has become so long and uncertain to get hands on this kind of supply).
Meca-quartz Seiko movements are about to enter the stock.

Hands ◼︎ ◼︎ ◼︎ ◻︎ ◻︎

The pre-series hands have been validated in June and are currently being produced.

Dials ◼︎ ◼︎ ◻︎ ◻︎ ◻︎

We took the opportunity of the lockdown to optimize some micro-details on the dials (this kind of details rarely noticed but that are super important for us). The pre-series dials will be validated early August before starting production.

Fastback™ straps ◼︎ ◼︎ ◼︎ ◻︎ ◻︎

We collected many feedbacks to optimize our straps since the project presentation in January. We increased the long strap by 1 cm to offer a better compatibility with wrist sizes up to 20 cm.
We decided to go for 9 holes for a flexible adjustment on the wrist, and we etched our folding clasp with our logo.
The 1st pre-series straps were validated this week, and we are waiting for the 2nd pre-series in August to start production.

The watch roll ◼︎ ◼︎ ◻︎ ◻︎ ◻︎

The watch roll is one of the happy surprises of the lockdown. It's an accessory we had in mind but put aside, lacking of time to carefully develop it. We met in March a unique leather goods workshop based close to Paris that totally understood what we wanted to create and helped us design a truly unique watch roll fitted for our watches and straps.
And we totally fell in love with the NovoNappa leather from the Haas tannery, that we decided to craft the watch rolls out of this exceptional leather.
After 4 prototypes, we ended up with a watch roll matching all of our requirements and its production will start end of August, totally crafted by the expert hands of Hélène, our partner.


Packaging ◼︎ ◼︎ ◻︎ ◻︎ ◻︎

We wanted to showcase our watches in a packaging that would be chic and original and would offer you a unique experience.

We just received our last prototype, made the ultimate small adjustments and production will start next week.



Our partner will be all set in September to start assembling the components and breathe life into your watches. We're thrilled to collect your reactions as soon as you'll be able to put your MOT1ON on your wrist.

Have great holidays!

If you wish to know more or have specific questions, do not hesitate to ask in the blog's comments or by contacting us.

We're back to our summer to-do list.

Have great holidays, have fun and speak soon.


PS : Pre-orders are still available until the shipment of the 1st watches, grab them while you can ;)


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