New watches and straps 'Pedal to the metal' Collection

One year after our launch, we are impatient to share some fresh news with you.
Sticking to our DNA, we follow-up with our vision of a sport-chic horology, affordable, qualitative and French. We have the same obsession : to offer you beautiful products with a twist that will stay with your for a long time.

So, let's go and jump into the news. 6 new products: 3 watches and 3 straps.

MOT1ON Automatic 24 Pebble SYE_Start_Your_engine_MOT1ON_Automatic_24_Pebble

Pebble is in many ways a fusion of the previous Silver & Black models. It alternates shades of pure black and warm grey, and its broad dial lets the face take center stage. Pebble deftly combines its shades with its brushed and polished finishes to perfection, for a sophisticated and dynamic style that would win first place in any elegance contest.
Powered by an automatic Miyota mechanical watch movement, Pebble has a 24-hour display in a hand-made, brushed circular counter.
Limited Edition - 100 watches only. Available end November.

MOT1ON Chronograph PandaSYE_Start_Your_engine_MOT1ON_Chronograph_Panda

The new Chronograph Panda model goes back to the classic codes of the well-crafted chronographs from the golden age of motor sports. As its name suggests, the Chronograph Panda was designed around the famously effective contrast of black and white. The use of brushed steel to form the base of the dial is what gives this model its subtle touch. The contrast of this base with the two black, hand-made, brushed circular counters is striking, almost hypnotic.
Fitted with a Seiko meca-quartz movement, the precise second-hand calibrated to ⅕ seconds and the instant mechanical reset to 0 of the chronograph ultimately result in the MOT1ON Chronograph Panda being a flawlessly classic and sophisticated model.
Available end November.

MOT1ON Chronograph Bullitt™SYE_Start_Your_engine_MOT1ON_Chronograph_Bullitt

As part of our permanent quest for exclusive sensations, SYE is excited to present the new Chronograph Bullitt™. The dream of this new model was to bring wild sensations to the wrist – hence the reference to its namesake film with its edge-of-the-seat high-speed chase through the streets of San Francisco. The color of the brushed dial is a play of multiple shades of gray transitioning to “highland green”, for a permanently striking effect under the light.
The Chronograph Bullitt™ is equipped with a Seiko meca-quartz movement, allowing aspiring vigilantes to time their performances using the speed information on the inclined flange.
Limited Edition - 100 watches only. Available end November.


A growing range of straps

For the straps, three new models have joined the existing range, designed to perfectly accompany the new dials. One of the new models is a brand-new, fully steel bracelet!

Fastback™ ChainSYE_Start_Your_engine_Fastback™_Chain

The new Fastback™ steel bracelet, called “Chain”, is a harbinger of a completely new style for SYE and slots perfectly into the pure metal integrated sporty-chic trend.
This steel bracelet has three rows made entirely of slightly curved, brushed chain links, with a special emphasis on wearing comfort. Visually, the metal links slide seamlessly into the SYE watches thanks to the Fastback™ system. This set-up brings a brand new style to the SYE watches for a radically different shape compared to the original leather straps.
The Fastback™ Chain steel bracelet is highly adaptable, with 10 adjustable links that can be unscrewed for incredible ease of use.
Available from December 15.

Fastback™ Racing SYE_Start_Your_engine_Fastback™_Racing

An unmissable gem in automobile leather – perforations – has finally joined the Fastback™ strap range.
We took French NovoNappa calfskin with an incomparable feel and etched a precise pattern into it with a laser. The result is a flawless combination of elegant and athletic which is perfect for the 2021 models.
Fastback™ Racing straps are available in Black and Whiskey.
Available from December 15.


Fastback™ ShadowSYE_Start_Your_engine_Fastback™_Shadow

Designed specifically for the Chronograph Bullitt™, the Fastback™ Shadow strap demurely takes a step back to allow the stunning green dial to shine.
Made from incredibly supple calfskin tanned in France, this strap has a remarkably fine grain with a fully matte finish capable of absorbing even the brightest of headlights. Its tone-on-tone top-stitching further adds to its ability to seamlessly blend into the background.
Available from early December.


Fastback™ Chain bracelet for every watchSYE_Start_Your_engine_MOT1ON_Chronograph_Silver_Chain

With the launch of the Fastback™ Chain stainless steel bracelet, all the existing watches see their price drop. So grab this new opportunity.

Pre-orders launch

All our pre-orders are available until November 30th. All the related products are waiting for you.

The pre-order period is very short for 2 main reasons:
1- products are (alsmost) in stock, we just need a few days to do the assembly and quality oinspection. The prodcuts will be shipped very quickly.
2- it's an opportunity to get your next watch at a good price just before the season and have a kind of early Black Friday.

We really hope these new watches and straps that offer almost 100 possible combinations will delight you. We're thrilled to get your feedback, so leave a comment down there 👍🏻.

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