Inventing the Fastback system

Designing a watch with an integrated case/strap is one thing, but turning it into an industrial product is something else entirely.

So we racked our brains.

We started by imagining a super integrated, almost invisible system, but before pushing the “invest” button we suddenly hesitated: wouldn’t it be too fragile? Too complex? Not really in line with what we wanted the brand to be?

How to turn a hindrance into a highlight

So we went back to our workbench.

We took the time to mull it over and concluded that, if we had to push the case/strap integration further, we may as well take it as far as we can and offer an interchangeable system.

That’s how we ended up with a simple but highly effective idea: why not invent a sandwich system with true mechanical DNA to tie the case and the strap together? Bingo!

SYE Fastback™ interchangeable system

Wait, let’s check the concept first

To perfect the idea, we turned to some top professionals, Cortes, engineering consultants highly skilled in mechanics and based in Annecy, France.

They scanned our project to perfect its structure and optimize it before running to production.

And, most importantly, they played with the system, ran tests and simulations to be absolutely sure that it was highly reliable and good for service.


Lock resistance test results


Insert resistance test results

The Fastback™ system

With the precise specifications Cortes gave to us, we polished the design of our insert and case.

We fine-tuned the esthetics of each component to create a stunning effect where the back is as attractive as the dial.

SYE Fastback™ system close up

The system needed a name too, something catchy that described its benefits, its specific shape, its efficiency... the Fastback™ system!


Oh, by the way, we thought the idea was interesting – after a little searching, we concluded it could be worth protecting, so it’s officially “patent pending” ;)

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