Challenge accepted

Talking about watches quickly led us to investigate the incredible creative world of custom garages.
We considered how materials were molded together, how shapes were integrated, how the modern touch and traditional craftsmanship were carefully balanced.


With an enthusiastic high five, we were ready to take on the challenge of adapting this spirit into something unique for the wrist.

Perfectly supported

Though I was already a fervent admirer of design, the strong support from the Berra-Blanquer duo definitely made the challenge easier.

With 25 years of experience with some of the greatest names in the watch industry behind them, they know everything about designing a watch.

Berra-Blanquer Design agency

Throughout our meetings, ideas flowed, moodboards filled up and our stylistic vision was fine-tuned

SYE MOT1ON early stage design

Inventing a new elegance

The solution was obvious. By combining steel and leather, the raw and the refined, the sporty and the elegant, we were about to invent a unique style: Sport Tailoring on the wrist.

SYE MOT1ON design stages

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